Filter Press

Automatic Polymer Dosing Systems

Anionic or cationic polymer dosing increase the dryness rate of the cake of filter press.

Full automatic polymer dosing systems are desinged by CFP and made from stainless steel meterials.

Filter Press Pumps

Filter press pump selection is based on a various numbers of criterias; Chracteristic of liquid, temperature, acidity, viscosity and required pressure are some of them. City Filter Press supplies 3 Read More

Filter Press Cloths

Quality of the filter press machine filtration quitely depends on the quality of the filter cloths, especially for oil and chemical filtering;

CFP offers high quality PP, cotton and polyester industrial woven filter press cloths for chamber, frame & plate filter press also belt filter press equipment.

Filter Press Plates

Polipropilen filter press plates are chamber (recessed) and frame&plate type resistant up to 16 bar and high temperature.

For liquid-solid seperation; shape of our plates are commonly square also round shape for ceramic clay dewatering.


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Ceramic Clay Filter Press

Ceramic clays are prepared in silo type tanks with the help of mixers which give homogenous minerals and mining soils mixture. Homogenous mixture is vital for further high pressure filtration Read More

Edible Oil Filter Press

Edible oil filtration is an important technique that requires attention and experience because of the public health issues. Using corrosive metals as filter plates or liquid oil contact parts may Read More

Oil Filter Press

Oil filtration is generally done under room temperature or higher celcius degress like 80C or more than 90C degree. Mineral oil filtration is mainly an application of solid particle removal Read More

Marble Wastewater Treatment

Marble Wastewater Treatment Plant is a compact system designed by CFP. All of the system runs automatically without labor force. CFP manufactures special designed application of Filter Press in the Read More

Filter Press

Filter press is a machine that used for solid and liquid seperation by physical priciples under high pressure.