Automatic Polymer Dosing Systems

Automatic polymer dosing systems streamline the process of adding precise amounts of polymers to water treatment or industrial processes, enhancing efficiency and ensuring optimal performance in the treatment of wastewater or the improvement of product quality.

filter press, belt press, centrifugal decanters and screw sludge presses are the main equipments which automatic polymer dosing systems work with.


Polymer Dosing System Options

ModelCapacityMaterialMixer QuantityControl Panel
CFPD500500 lt/hourStainless Steel3 pcsIncluded
CFPD10001000 lt/hourStainless Steel3 pcsIncluded

Application Areas :

wastewater treatment

mining; (marble, gold mines etc.)

acid filtering (zinc phospate)

anionic or cationic polyelectrolyte dosage in industrial wastewater treatment

drinking water treatment