Filter Press Cloths

City Filter Press is a filter press manufacturer located in Istanbul and serves the filtering industry of sludge drying, oil filtering and other filtration systems.

Filtrate quality depens on the quality of filter cloths. Main types of Filter Press Cloths according to raw materials;
1- Polypropilene :
2- Cotton :
3- Polyester :

Filter Press Clothes Specifications Table

 Acid ***Res.**Temp. ***Res.Oil FilteringFilter SpeedIndustries Long Life
PP* (Black)YesYesNoVery GoodWastewater, Mining, Coating, Acid Yes
PP* (White)YesYesNoGoodWastewater, Ceramics Yes
CottonNoYesYesGoodOil filtering Yes
PolyesterYesNoNoGoodMarble Yes

*PP : Polypropilene

**Temp : Temperature

***Res : Resistance

 Also City filter press supplies belt filter press cloths for effective sludge drying systems and high purity filter papers.