Oil Filter Press

Oil filtration is generally done under room temperature or higher celcius degress like 80C or more than 90C degree.

Mineral oil filtration is mainly an application of solid particle removal of industrial oil refinery like lube oil, crude oil, biodiesel, biofuel, hydraulic oil, waste diesel oil, engine oil, and other industry oil recycle.

Until 75C degree polypropylene filter press can be used. More than 75C degree temperature cast iron plates are used.

As filter plates we use freme&plate type filter plates. Chamber filter plates often cannot be used because of filter paper requirement.

800×800 mm frame&plate type filter plates are common filter elements which used in oil filter presses.

Materials or filter plates is choosen according to filtering temperature. Below 75C degree polypropylene plates is good but more than 75C degree cast iron filter plates is better to use in oil filter press.

Mineral Oil Types

– Lube oil

– Hyrdraulic oil

– Biofuel

– Biodiesel oil

Specifications of Oil Filter Press

* Frame & Plate Type Plates

* Filter paper applicable for very pure filtration

* Polypropylene plates and filter papers

* All parts from stainless steel filter press is available

Besides similar conditions for edible oil filter press has different concepts. You can reach for detailed information from edible oil filter press.