Filter Press

What is A Filter Press

Filter press is a machine that used for solid and liquid seperation by physical priciples under high pressure.

Hydraulic filter press for sale equipments are used various industrial solid-liquid seperation processes. With the help of filter press, dewatering applications’ efficiency is higher also maintenance is cost-effective.

Filter press more effective equipment for sludge dewatering & liquid-solid seperation from belt filter press & centrifuge decanter.

How Filter Press Works

A filter press works through a series of steps to achieve solid-liquid separation under high pressure levels.

Fill: The slurry or mixture of solid and liquid is pumped into the filter press. To make a homogenous mixture sludge thickeners or sludge conditioning tanks have to be used. The slurry enters the chambers formed by the filter plates and filter cloths by the help of pressure pumps. Using sludge thickener tanks allow reduction of water content inside the sludge and using sludge conditioning tanks just help for homegenous solid and liquid mixture.

Filtration: Once the slurry is in the filter press, pressure is applied to the system. This pressure can be generated mechanically or hydraulically. As the pressure increases, the liquid portion of the slurry is forced to pass through the filtering medium, leaving the solid particles behind.

Cake Formation: The solid particles accumulate on the filter medium, forming a layer known as the filter cake. The filter cake continues to build up as more liquid is forced out.

Cake Removal: Once the filtration is complete, the filter press needs to be emptied. This involves removing the solid filter cake from the filter plates. Some filter presses have automatic cake removal mechanisms, while others require manforce to empty intervention. The discharged filter cake can be further processed or disposed of as needed.

Finally cycle begins again.

What are industrial processes that utilize a filter press?

Filter Press for Mining Industry;

In the mining industry, a high solid level in dewatered sludge is preferable due to transportation costs and mineral enrichment. Filter press equipment can achieve the best solid ratio in its sludge cakes and enhancing mineral enrichment in the mining process. Gold mines, copper concentrate, aluminum refineries’ red mud cake, silver mining, nickel concentrate, and others can be excellent candidates for filter press dewatering.

Marble Wastewater Filter Press;

Marble or stone minings require huge amount of clean water to performe. Our filter press products towards to mining industry are desing to filter and treatment of used water originating from stone cutting process.

Oil Filtration Filter Press

Edible oil or mineral oil filtration processes are widely common types.

In oil filtering process, frame & plate filter press is the main part of the system. After increase of temperature of oil, clay added to oil sample and mixed. This oil and clay mixed liquid is pumped to filter press machine which has frame&plate type plates and covered cotton filter press clothes with filter paper.

You can visit our Edible Oil Filter Press web page.

After this filtration process, filtered output is taken, then dewatered sludge filled filter press removed from this sludge.

Filter Press for Petrolium Industry;

High purity petrolium industry good can be achieved by our special desing filter press.

Acid & Zinc-Phosphate Filter Press;

All wet surfaces of the zinc-phosphate filter press are covered with AISI 316L stainless steel or polypropylene for resistance to acidity. Piping is constructed using polyethylene or stainless steel pipes. This equipment is employed in various industries, including galvanizing, phosphating, pickling, coating baths and electrostatic application of powdered paint. Phosphating filter press is particularly effective for sludge removal in zinc-phosphate baths and purification of acidic and alkaline products.

Clay Filter Press for Ceramics Industry;

This product has high pressure resistance up to 16 bar to get the lowest moisture content in the ceramic clay cake from filter press equipment. According to our customer’s desires we can manufacture it by using special desing round filter plates or chamber filter plates for kaolin filter press.

Food & Beverage Industry;

Our food industry filter press is made with AISI 316L covering for liquid contact surfaces, and the side channels, as well as the inlet pipes, are crafted from AISI 316 stainless steel. It’s great for filtering sugar and dates syrups, used in breweries, yeast production and more. Especially useful for collecting sediment in wine and beer products that regular paper filters can’t handle efficiently.

Fertilizer Industry;

Our specially designed liquid fertilizer filter press machine can be used as liquid fertilizer purifier to prevent clogging troubles pivot irrigation systems. This helps sedimentation of particles in the package of liquid fertilizer also prevents clogging problems of pumping for irrigation systems.

Filter Press for Chemical Industry;

High purity chemical production is provided by using our specific chemical filter press which used special filter cloths and filter papers.

Types of hydraulic filter press according to plate type;

* Plate and Frame Filter Presses

* Recessed (Chamber) Plate Filter Press

* Recessed + Membrane Filter Press